Amazing Balloon Art for Amazing Occasions

How To

One of my passions is showing balloons as art and pushing the envelope for what can be done. A major way of doing this is my desire to work with museums all over the world. Many years ago when I set the world record for most balloons in 24 hours I was asked by a paper what my next big goal was, which I quickly added it was to have a piece as a part of an exhibit in a museum. When I Made the last supper for the Grand Rapids public Museum I became one of the first balloon artist ever to make a piece for a musuem. My long term goal is to have a traveling exhibit to go to some of the most famous musuems in the world. my specialty is makeing a piece that is aready at your muesum. for example if you have a famous painting, sculpture, or something you want to bring attention to then lets talk and see what we can do. I will travel any where in the world. If you know a museums that you think should know about me send them a link to my page and why they should consider me and let me know to contact them.