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"It was great more then we could have hoped for"  
"well recieved by our guest"
Gina Bivins
Public Program Manager
Grand Rapids Public Muesum
"last supper"
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Parents and kids thought creations were very detailed and enjoyed watching them be made. Huge hit with the kids! Would recommend to anyone.

Kerri Richer 
Mom of twin five year olds

First time I saw Tim was during a Halloween celebration at a local church. He was completely surrounded with children and creating all sorts of balloon creations from swords to intricate dolls and animals. Incidentally my wife and I were planning the birthday party for our daughter's first birthday and asked if Tim could come to the party and put on a show. Tim was great at the party. Not just the children even the adults were inline to get their balloon creation! Tim was at the party for 2 hours, and he was creating his unique pieces of art nonstop. He always had a smile on his face and demonstrated great patience and did it all with a cheerful demeanor.After the party I got rave reviews from the children and the adults. When it was time to celebrate our son's birthday it was a no brainer to have him for an  encore performance again. As always Tim arrived on time and put up an awesome show again. Tim is excellent in what he does and connects very well with children and adults. Is this ability of his which adds a different dimension to any event that he is a part of. I would like to thank Tim the Balloon Sculptor for his work and hope to keep inviting him to our different events. 
Tuhin Mitra 
Father of two children 
"Mickey & Minnie"
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I had the honor of hosting Tim during "Christmas in the Ville" event on December 1, 2012. He started at around 10:30 and completed this masterpiece shortly after 6:00. I can't tell you how many smiles I saw, how many faces lit up and how many "Wow, that is way cool" I heard. If you want to bring fun and excitement for all ages to an event I would highly recommend Tim, he was a wonderful, very entertaining and look forward to having him back next year for the event. Thanks Tim for making this day extra fun for everyone!!
Dawn Hatcher