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Videos from the Balloon Sculptor
welcome to the video wall, Here you will find some videos of all aspects of what I do with balloons and other fun things some I made and others that friends made with balloons I made. Right now there are a few but as the adventure continues there will be more and more.
Optimus Prime v. Ford Taurus
Tim’s balloon creations sadly don’t last forever, so he likes to come up with fun and silly ways of bidding them farewell. Here, a giant balloon Transformer he made for a competition (he won!) meets his match in a Ford Taurus.
Tim’s World Record
A time-lapse video of Tim setting the world record for the most individual balloons blown up by mouth and twisted into animals in 24 hours. That’s some serious hot air there, Tim!  

Friendly Sabotage 
When Tim’s away on vacation, his friends take matters into their own hands… 

the slaying of the ballon dragon at Gen Con
So I did not start out this way butit is a fun way to try and tell the story. 
Lion window piece time lapse
Santa time lapse 
Time lapse of feather dragon.