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Tim The Balloonatic Gallery
Here are some examples of Tim's work. 
Tim has always loved Van Gogh so he jumped at the chance to do this balloon sculpture!  It’s based on “Portrait of Vincent Van Gogh” by Paul Gauguin, 1888, but it did require some artistic license and borrowing from other Van Gogh paintings to complete it.
Notice he has both ears!  The original was painted before Van Gogh famously cut off his ear.  One tidbit to note:  the only part of this sculpture not made out of balloons is the base for the painting of the sunflowers and the wood easel.
Balloon sculptures sadly don’t last forever – but this balloon replica of the “Sunflowers” painting does!  Tim still has it to this day – ask him how he did it!
Overall, this balloon sculpture took 40 hours to complete – not bad when Tim had to work through a terrible bout of food poisoning!  Though it is not one of his largest creations, it was definitely one of his most rewarding.
A balloon car?  You bet!  Tim made this fully-functional balloon sculpture for Ford Motor Co. for their annual Dream Cruise in Michigan.  The wheels and front crank moved on their own – and it was big enough and strong enough for two adults to actually sit inside!
Tim was commissioned by the Grand Rapids Museum to contribute this balloon sculpture to their Da Vinci exhibit, to show how modern artists still look to the works of Da Vinci for inspiration.  A couple of talented friends helped Tim complete this project under a very short deadline
Here is a close-up of the “Last Supper” balloon sculpture.  The Museum and guests loved it!
Oh, no!  Tim is being buried alive by the 6,176 balloons he created to set his 24-hour world record!  For those of you that love the math, that comes to one balloon every 14 seconds – talk about lung power!
Facts about the World Record: 
Fewest balloons in one hour = 200 (in the 1st hour)
Most balloons in one hour = 363 (in the 23rd hour)
Medical supervision on hand = 3 Nurses, one eight-hour shift each
Number of different balloons created = 31 (none back-to-back)
To draw attention to his booth at an Art Fair, Tim created this 8-foot-tall balloon sculpture of a man making a balloon teddy bear.
Tim Mastered a new technique this American flag for Independence Day.  Proud to be American!
This balloon-sculpted (and quite wearable!) wedding dress won Tim one of his proudest awards – it was voted by his fellow balloon artists and peers as winner of the Best Mastery of Skills Award.
Here is a close-up of the Southern-inspired floral design of Tim’s wedding dress sculpture.
Which is the real Mike Huckabee?  Tim’s been fortunate as a balloon sculptor to meet many famous people, and he loves to see their reactions when presented with “balloon-icatures” of themselves!
A Balloon-Sculpted Transformer!  This 8-ft-tall Optimus Prime has 13 moving joints that allow him to transform from balloon robot to balloon truck!
Here is a close-up of Optimus Prime, complete with the Autobot’s glowing blue eyes.  The toy Transformer on his shoulder is the model Tim used to build this sculpture – and anything the toy can do, the balloon can do!  (Be sure to check the Videos page to see Optimus face his most deadly opponent...
Tim does several balloon sculptures for the world’s only Comic Book Museum in Indiana, the Hall of Heroes.  Here is Tim’s balloon rendition of Batman!
Another Hall of Heroes balloon sculpture – this is Tim’s recreation of Dr. Doom.  Look deep into his eyes and know the fear that is!
Tim often builds his own creative backgrounds to feature his balloon sculpture displays – this Gotham City now serves as Tim’s home entertainment center!
Tim is always up for a challenge – here he was dared to build a balloon sculpture of Gambit from the X-Men.  This sculpture is about five feet tall!
One of his mentors challenged Tim to make this Flying Eagle balloon sculpture for a conference they were both attending.  With less than 24 hours available, Tim had to pull an all-nighter, but he did it!
The Flying Eagle has been one of Tim’s most popular balloon sculptures and he has been asked to recreate it several times.  But this first one will always remain one of his all-time favorites.
Not only is this Iron Man balloon sculpture life-sized, but you can actually put on its helmet!
Tim’s life-size balloon sculpture of Captain America, complete with his shield. .
.  While hiking the Appalachian Trail, Tim was inspired to develop some new techniques for scary-looking balloons, like this Werewolf creation he sculpted.
Tim’s website launch was inspired by a visit to a Google-sponsored event where he not only made balloons for the event staff, he even created his own balloon Google Doodle sculpture!
A detroit youth group was getting together for the first timesince 1969. to celibrate the inpact there leaders made on their life. to add to the fun the comisioned this bus.
The bus had a lot of meaning to the group since their leader was a bus mechanic so the site of him bent over fixong the engine was a common site on trip to the great lakes and other places.
Tim made this huge gathering of junior shag dancers. in Myrtle beach. He was brought down to help celibrate the 20th year of the gathering
on the last day of the event Tim was asked to talk to the teens andd their families at one of most known shag dancing locations in Myrtle beach. When he saw the juke box he just could not resist one last shot befor ethe kids poped the balloon with there feet while dancing.
Tims elementry school was ceilbrating 25 years of being a school and they requested something fpr this evening. Tim spent about 6 hours and made these two kids showing their support.
A close up of the little girl. This was actually inspired by a few photos of Tims old classmates.
This is Tim With his first grade teacher on the left and His music/drama teacher on the right. Both of these ladies had a huge inpact on the Man he became.
Every now and then Tim likes to push his skills in some friendly competition. This piece was done for the michigan twister group it took about 12 hours and have over 200 bulbs.
One of the judges told Tim that usually he can figure out exactaly how a piece is made and can reproduce it with no problem but he told Tim that He has never seen anything like the tree and has no idea how Tim did it.
Santa was made out of one of Tims detailed balloonacatuer designs.
When makeing a balloonacatuer the sky is the limit in what you can do with them. This one was made for a kid who wanted to be a football player.
While hiking a 800 mile portion of the Appalachian tail Tim met a lot of cool people including these guys who own outdoor 76 store that helped Tim with some shoe problems he was having. Tim often likes to shoe his thanks in his own way.
Tim made this little guy inspired by a shakespearean actor
While waiting in a line in Grand rapids michigan Tim kept people bussy by makeing one of the guys in line out of balloons
beauty and her rose
a small Christmas tree
After watching several versions of this classic He decided to give his take on scrooge
close up of the head on scrooge
side view of scrooge
for a  white elephant gift party
father time, good by 2011, hello 2012
supermans cape and airbrushed symbol
Superman in new costume with airbrush work done.
A close up of supermans face
A t-rex for a five years olds birthday party
A stegasaurus for a five years olds birthday party
a close up of the top portian of the eiffel tower
The full eiffel tower it stands over six and a half feet tall.
A electric flying V guitar made for a table trying to get attention for a creative arts booth
a bunch of roses made out of balloons they will not deflate and will last for years
 a single balloon roses
A rabbit made while Tim was working a event held at a community preschool fun day
In brightest day and blackest night no evil shall escape green lanterns light
Another fun day of trying new things with faces
Tim helped creative comedy in Indiana build this life size replica of the wonka boat for the fort wayne home and garden show
Another view of the Wonka boat this piece took over 50 man hours and some late nights
One of the things Tim loves to do at trade shows is make somthing fun for the tables around him. The petting farm requested a little pig and Tim could not resist the photo op
Discovery toys wanted there logo made and tim admits this was a fun challange.
The fort wayne science Muesum had a whole section dealing with outer spaceand the only thing they where missing was a space man
A church group was having a wild game dinner and after seeing all the mounts Tim had an idea for a little fun. He made yogi with a ear tag mentioning where he was hunted from and who shot him.
Upon arriving at His favorite balloon store one of the workers asked for something Tim never exspeted... A demon lama Warrior
when it was done the manager who has seen everything out of balloons admitted that it made her feel uneasy and that it was unpleasent. .. mission accomplished
Proof that Tim dose hold the world Record for most balloons blown  up by mouth and made into animals
A member of the balloon band
Another member of the balloon band
Deadpool the merc with the mouth
a little st patties day magic
For the 2012 motor city comic book convention Tim was invited ti have some fun and make something special so with just five hours of work Tim created the hulk in a giant puppet like style, As you can see this is hooked to Tim which allows it to move.
during the whole time Tim was building this quite a crowd gather. when the Hulk finally took its first step the crowed showed there aprectiation in this.
After the Hulk was all done he decided to take a walk around the con. He was unable to walk fast considering people wanted to keep take His picture. in one hour the conservative estimate is over 3000 pictures where taken.
this is felix silla most known as cousin it  He was very nice and incouraging in what Tim is doing and that there is a place for His art.
spidey sences did not worn him the Hulk was coming
A few friends decied to have some fun dressing as there favorite Avengers after watching the movie.
having some fun at the mexican resturant
now that is a burger that is less tasting and less filling
Hulk like flowers
this was acutally a request at a resturant, a toilet
iron man trying a new helment form of armor light weight and much easier to make then with high tech alloys
I friend of Tim's owns the worlds only comic book musuem. Tim was requested to make this for a filming that was being done there for a special by Stan Lee's crew.
Consumer Energy in Michigan requested this for an event held at one of there events. Tim built this in about 4 hours and it made some great pctures.
Tim Loves trying new things with technoligy. The day befor a competition Tim was shown a new video camera that had a built in projector. Well He could not resist the chance to try somthing new. SO Tim made a drive in movie theator with car and screen. this was award first for the small size of 12"
in the same compitition Tim Won first for the drive in movie and the hulk he created this piece with black light affected balloons. this coral reef had a scuba guy swimming in circles over head. This piece was awarded second place. This is the first time ever someone placed in all three catagories.
T a conference Tim was at the m.c. for the night wanted to come on to stage in a fun way. So we decieded to "pump up" his ride so we took a cool bike and made it into a sweet motorcylce
The dragon was a fun project when Gen Con and Tim first talked about this project they where wondering how the participants at Gen con would recieve this and if they would enjoy it or not. The answer came very quickly. Tim started at about 7:30 am on thursday.
By 10 am there wa always some one comeing by and talking with Tim or just watching the dragon being built. It became a very big atraction, to the point that more then once the confernce center staff and to move people out of the way so people could get thrue the walkway.
At about 5pm Tim was getting a little tired and was gratefull when his Ballloon mentor Joe white who lives in Indiana came and stoped by. Joe was one of the first people to realy encourage Tim as He started doing the balloons and developing His own style.
at the start of day two of the build the dragon already had a body, head, legs, tail and arms . now it was time to start the wings
When all was done it was time to do final repairs and add the fire. Tim finished the project at about 5:45 pm on Friday. Once Tim finished the real fun began.
One of the first pictures taken with the Dragon was this cute little pic.
People came out all weekend in there awsome costumes and took pictures with the dragon.
On saturday night it was Time to move the dragon to it's final spot before the charity Auction started. a group of people walking the halls stopped what they where doing to Help Tim move the dragon.
With there help not a single balloon popped! and with a little work the balloon was ready to raise some money for a local youth charity. The winners Got to slay the dragon on Sunday at high noon.
These three dragon slayers where the winners of the Auction and with a little help from a army of "hobbits" they defeated the dragon and made a lot of great memories.
All weekend the croweds where amaizing the event had over 41,000 people attend and in Tims mind this was some of the nicest most awsome people he ever made a balloon piece for. He has several stories of the kindness shown toward him. Tim Is hoping it works out for him to be there agian soon.
The Mayan feather dragon was custom made for this very unique space for U-Con 2012
The feather dragon consisted of 500 balloons and took over 10 hours to make
the feather dragon was 43 feet long from the top of its head to the tip of his tail.
the penguin made for the canton ice house
making some fun balloons for the kids at the canton ice house
one of my favorite pictures a mother has ever sent me. this child was driving buy the store and saw the lion in the window. but his brothers and sister blocked the window so he could not see it. so mom brought him up on his own a little later to have a moment with the lion. I just love the look.
a lion and his tamer made for the carriage house. ths piece was literally made in the front window
this fun piece stayed in the front window with minor repairs for a couple of weeks. it created quiet the roar
a backhoe made for consumer could actually sit down in the backhoe
Stan the man lee made for the hall of heroes super hero museum. this was a special build they requested for there taping of stan lee's super fans.
If at any moment you said "OH MY" then give it some love