Amazing Balloon Art for Amazing Occasions

How To

What is the primary focus of your balloon artistry today?
I believe in a very real and very personal God who created me to first and foremost to glorify and enjoy Him. I also believe that He has given me the unique skills and desire to work with balloons as means of expressing that glory and enjoyment. It may sound strange to some, but I truly feel closest to Him when I am twisting Latex in my hands! But balloons are much more than a passion for me – they have also become a tool, a tremendous open door through which I have been able to share my love of God and His creation with others who may otherwise never hear. I look back on my life and know that God set me on his crazy, unique path at a very young age, and I am excited to use my balloon creations to share with others that they, too, have been given a special and unique purpose in life. Through the world of balloons, I am able to share so much more than beauty and joy and smiles – I am able to share the love of God with a world that desperately needs Him.
Tim would love to come and speak at your special event, retreat or conference. Here is a video he did on the subject of using your passion for a puropose