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Art Fairs and Festivals
Are you looking for something new for your art fair or festival this year? Something that will get people talking? Something for kids of all ages? Then look no further! My name is Tim Thurmond and I'm The Balloon Sculptor. This summer I will be traveling all over the Eastern United States performing at art fairs and festivals, and I am seeking the opportunity to work with you!

Let's face it, most art fairs and festivals focus primarily on adults. But what two things do those adults almost always bring with them? Their wallets... and their kids! That is where partnering with The Balloon Sculptor can take your event to a whole new and exciting level!.
I'll bet you already have a picture in your mind of what I do... a picture based on the typical "balloon guy" you've seen at your favorite weekend restaurant who offers to make your kids a dog or a hat out of balloons. But what if he made you a balloon Transformer? A balloon Spiderman? Or even a balloon person that looks just like you? Then he would be me, The Balloon Sculptor! My work always draws a crowd because most people have never seen the kind of balloon creations that I make. Kids love their uniquely sculpted creations and often carry the sculpture like a prized teddy bear, and happy kids mean happy parents!  
More and more festivals are offering special events for kids, and one of my trademarks is to tell stories with my balloon creations. My Balloon Sculptures and Stories offer you a truly one-of-a-kind marketing tool to really increase your family-advertising impact, and since my work as The Balloon Sculptor has placed me at the highest professional levels of my craft, you can be confident that you are offering your visitors nothing but the best and a truly unique entertainment experience.
I have several different packages and reasonable rates available for coming to your art fair or festival this summer more reasonable then you might think, especially if I am allowed to have a space to make balloons at.  If you are interested and want to get on my calendar before anyone else please give me a call at 810-772-1545 or an email to